Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Hee-eere

We moved us and the cats in on Monday and the furniture arrived on Thursday. I've been unpacking ever since. And now I'm resting on the couch in my bower of a living room on the North Side.

Since I've been busy doing moving-related things, I haven't really had much time to do any exploring. I almost didn't post today. But then I thought, "You HAVE to post on your first Sunday in town. You HAVE to." So here I am.

Today is not a day for unpacking. Today is a day for getting out and tasting the delights of the city. First up, a matinee of Six Degrees of Separation at Eclipse (my friend Rebecca is in it, so I got comped in) followed by a beer with said Rebecca and then a trip over to Navy Pier to see the Water Fools show at Chicago Shakes with another friend, Chris. Quite a full program for someone who hasn't even been here a week.

And to make sure I can do all that I want to do, I did some poking around on-line and got myself a handy little seven-day CTA pass. Unlimited CTA usage for seven days. By which time, I'm hoping my CTA Chicago-Plus card will have arrived in the mail.

I'm so glad I discovered the 7-day pass. I was really hating having to look up $2.25 for each leg of a trip. This thing will easily pay for itself this week.


  1. Things to know. . .your new plus pass won't start until the first time you scan it it at a bus or train stop, so you can run th 7 day pass out before you start the other.

  2. I did actually know that, but thanks for the clarification. I'm more concerned that my 7-day pass will run out before the Plus Pass gets here.

  3. Hey there-
    How do you pronounce the title of your blog, anyway? ChiCAWgo Sit ee?
    Because I just realized I've been saying:
    Chickg Cog AHS itty

  4. Good for you, getting out right away to have some fun. And what fun! I'm looking forward to following your adventures in your new town.