Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Ahead of Myself

Yesterday, as I sat in Dave's office, waiting for the eldest and most stubborn geriatric cat who suddenly needs someone right there with her, touching her while she eats, I took a look at possible moving routes. Yes, I know we won't be going anywhere until late July/early August. I know this. But wasn't doing anything else while sitting there with the demanding, pushy oldladypants while she dined, so I decided to look into just exactly what traveling will take.

According to Googlemaps, we can do it in one day and not quite four hours. I'm guessing that means if we were to get in the car and not get out for anything until we reached Chicago. Um, no.

Also interesting is the three or four miles of difference depending on whether we go through Montana, North Dakota and Wisconsin on the way or Wyoming and South Dakota instead. Seriously. Only about three miles. But the northern route may be prettier. Montana is certainly nicer than Wyoming. I don't know about North Dakota, but I suspect Wisconsin is prettier than South Dakota.

Anyway, I think we can do it in three days, staying overnight in Billings and Minneapolis. That's nine hours of driving on Day One, twelve hours on Day Two, and not quite seven hours on Day Three, which seems like the day we'll most want to have time for other things. Like unpacking the car/moving van and getting the Girls comfortable in their new digs. And maybe just flopping onto the floor and gasping a bit while vowing to never, ever drive anywhere for more than twenty minutes with cats in the car ever, ever again.

Now I can look into pet-friendly hotel options in those two cities. (And maybe also Chicago? It's entirely possible that we won't want to move in until the next day, but we'll see.)

As I said in the title to this post, I'm getting ahead of myself. In my defense, however, I'm happy to know that I have one potential moving issue at least partly figured out. Though I still don't know HOW we're going to manage getting everybody there in one piece.

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  1. Brian Bush and his dad thought it would take them the schedule you laid out, but they ended up being much farther ahead of schedule and did it in like two days because as I understand it some of those lonely highways in the middle go faster than you might think. Which probably just means you could schedule more time in Chicago on the last day.

    I am sure that there are pet friendly lodgings here, but I am not exactly sure where, but I would imagine your best affordable bet with parking would be out by the airport (s).