Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Job

Last week was insane. This week looks to be perhaps slightly less so, and the school year is winding down. Which is why I'm now looking to brush up the resume, the CV, the teaching philosophy and the cover letter skills. Also to get the references in order. Because it's time to start that hunt.

I'm looking at some adjunct teaching opportunities in the community college system and also a couple of other education-related leads. But I'm unfamiliar enough with the city that I don't know what school is where, and also what OTHER schools are in Chicago that I would want to check the job listings for. So I'd love to hear any suggestions about that.


  1. Da' Mayor has named this Thursday as talk like Shakespeare day. Yeah, this is the town you will move to.

  2. Also email me a list of what colleges you got, and I will look it over and see if there is anything you are missing/should avoid. There are jillions of colleges here.